Life fades away

Autumn always covers everything in thousand colors and masks the world in beauty… but only to suck all life away and to clear the way of the fierce and cruel Winter…

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Australian Water Dragon

Absolute Beauty!

Pity that it is captured in a zoo…


Apple wine

Before I came to Germany I have always thought that summer wine should be cold and sweet. Well, now I still think that summer wine should be cold, but the part with sweet extended to the possibility of actually drinking a sour wine. You wonder how is this possible? Germans (of course not all of them, mostly the once in Hessen) are in love with their traditional drink – apple wine. Many people here say that you either love it, or either hate it. In the beginning, I wasn’t really sure which side I am more into, because you can taste some really sour apple wine (which you can barely drink), or you can have a quite refreshing sour one. Some people mix it with lemonade or with gas water to reduce the sour taste, but then it is too obvious that you’re not from Hessen – why otherwise would you do such a crime? Anyway, almost as any type of food or beverage, is it a matter of taste. But last summer it was a pretty nice way to refresh myself and to immerse into the atmosphere of Summer Hessen.





Soap Bubbles

Remember being a child? There were so many marvels and wonders in the world – every small and shiny thing was exciting. Recently I had the pleasure to remind myself of the childhood the way it should be – enjoy small things and find them spectacular. Exactly. Small thing. Like soap bubbles.


Mint-Lemonade Cocktail

In Bulgaria there is a really popular mint liqueur – for some people pure is pretty strong and not tasty, but for some people it just perfect. I guess some like it hardcore…

Anyway, for those who do not like it pure, there are few options – mix it with milk (yes! it tastes lovely 🙂 ), or mix it with Lemonade. The picture below shows how it looks like with lemonade. You can choose the taste you like – orange, grapefruit, lemon… if you do not really like sweet drinks you can take as an alternative tonic water, it also tastes amazing. Even I, as a lover or sweets (I drink my coffee with 3 sugar cubes!), prefer mostly the mixture with tonic water. Then you just add a piece of lemon and a lot of ice and here it is – a lovely, fresh and cooling, summer drink.


PS: On the picture my ice has already melted, it was a hot day. Hehe.


Lion knocker

When it comes to architecture (from the touristic point of view), I love the details. The shape of the windows, the statues on the walls, even the door knockers. Luckily the Gothic and Baroque (and all others) left many many buildings with many many details, which makes me always excited when I visit a new town, especially if the town is with rich history and was lucky enough to survive through the wars.

This lion door knocker I found in Weilburg (Germany) on a recent visit. The place is really lovely – charming old town and a magnificent castle. We didn’t manage to enter it, but its garden is even more than enough – a real piece of art! If you happen to be somewhere close, this is a perfect place to be recommended for spending a nice afternoon, especially with a good weather.

Oh, and this is just a teaser, more pictures are coming. 🙂


Just one more…

People get addicted to different things – pills, drugs, cigarettes, hobbies… Some will say some addictions are not as bad as others. But is there a difference? The more we try to control out lives and then excuse ourselves – it makes me relax and escape the stress, just one more… the more we find ourselves into the addiction. And usually we don’t even want to stop.

I wish people lived in less stress, so they wouldn’t have to even say it – just one more…


“Do I look happy?”

This is my first attempt to make a portrait. It was a pretty spontaneous decision, so I am pretty happy that P. was willing to pose. Unfortunately, I am not confident enough yet with portraits, so I gave up pretty early. 

However, I think the last shot got up nice. After I did the picture, she asked me: “Can I take a look, do I look happy?”, and since then there is no other title for me here.

Yes, dear, you look happy. 🙂


Sunset over Main

One of the most beautiful moments in summer are the sunsets – long, colorful, creating shapes… Sunsets bring sometimes nostalgia, sometimes romantic feelings, sometimes sadness. But sunsets are most often just beautiful. So, my summer motives continue with this sunset over Main… Enjoy!

DSCI0018 DSCI0029