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Fear of the dark

I hate when I am falling asleep to hear the little scratch on the wall. To hear the little legs walking around there, ready just to come over me and make me freak out. I hate the terrible feeling that a small buggy bug is walking on my skin… any kind of bug… and last night it was a BIG BIG BIG bug… black, 100 legs, 10 sm long… disgusting… well, it is dead now… but sometimes I agree so much with mister Dickinson.

Fear of the dark

PS: And why does they arrive always before an exam?!


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A wish of night

Inspiration comes by itself, brought on the wings of emotions. There is a band which makes me feel every song they make in a different way. They create an imaginary world where you can be free from the “normal” world. This band comes from the cold lands of Finland, incredible country with its magic. The best of it for me – Nightwish.

It is the music they make that has this amazing impact over me. From the first time I heard “Come cover me” I fell in love with this sound. Every time I listen to them is like a journey. The tones are painting pictures in my head like the hands of a master painter. The guitar, the sound of the symphonic orchestra, the and of course the voice of Mrs Turunen. Unfortunately their paths separated, but now I have double joy – Tarja’s voice and Tuomas’ master compositions.

It will be a crime if I do not mention the lyrics. I’ve never thought that words can flow so gracefully. You do not believe me? There are some samples 🙂

Walk the dark path
Sleep with angels
Call the past for help
Touch me with your love
And reveal to me my true name…”        “Nemo

Last dance, first kiss
Your touch, my bliss
Beauty always comes with dark thoughts…”      “Wish I had an angel

My home is far but the rest it lies so close
With my long lost love under the black rose
You told I had the eyes of the wolf
Search them and find the beauty of the beast”      “Beauty of the beast

Bring me home or leave me be
My love in the dark heart of the night
I have lost the path before me
The one behind will lead me”         “Ghost love score

And many more… Actually, every of their songs has its beauty. Have you ever tried to listen to Nightwish while traveling across Finland? It is the perfect match… The music, the melody, the lyrics, the scenery… Incredibly magical!

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Once upon a time… An innocent girl with dark thoughts. But they say beauty always comes with dark thoughts. Is she beautiful? She wears the beauty of the beast painted with the colors of her soul. You will see those colors through the time. But they are already painted on so many places. And they wear the color of the Dead Amaranth…

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