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Feel the emotion

“Born from silence, silence full of it. … So much to love for, so much to die for”    ” Dead Boy’s Poem” by Nightwish

Sometimes there is so much beauty in few words. They make you feel the joy and the miracle of life. And same time to feel pain. And the most amazing of it all is that you do not know why is the pain about. You feel happy. You have what you need. You’re not even sad. And still few chords with few words can touch deeply in the soul and to make it feel the sweetest imaginary pain. But is it really pain? Or we are just living the emotion of the songwriter with him?

Forget the silence, play the tones, listen to the voice, feel the words and live for it!

Summer evening, beautiful weather, the sweet laziness of the sunlight falling down, an ОceanSoul


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