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It is weird how a southern girl like me falls in love with a northern country. If you ask me why it will be very difficult to explain exactly. But still I am so facsinated with this magical country. Finland is a place which has its spirit. People are nice, shy, but nice. And even the cold weather couldn´t make me feel negative about it. Mother Earth has created amazing places there, where the water looks red from a close sight, blue at a distance, and reflects like a mirror the clouds. Sometimes it feels unreal.

And there come woods. I have never seen the collours of the trees to change that fast. From green, to orange-red, to empty and grey and finally white. Yesss… there are a lot of snow… Everywhere. And everything is like a fairytale.

You see?

I guess you will say that a country is not only the nature. And you will be right. But there are so many more things. The places look so calm. No hurry, no stress. You have your 5 day work and then the lovely weekend with the rest and the party. And the food. Wow, I have bever thought that I will like a salami with pineaple, but actually it is not bad. And mango in my salad, yummy 🙂

But may be the thing that atracted me most is the music. There are some bands who have amazing melodies and beatiful lyrics. The things I apreciate most in music. Take a look at: The Northern Metal Queen and A wish of night. And there will be more. It is just undescribable to sit in the train (Oh, yaeh, that fast train!) to play some tunes of Finland and to watch the forests, the lakes and the roads to pass by…

Minä rakastaan Suomea!


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