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Nomadic people are communities of people who move from one place to another, rather than settling permanently in one location. These I am feeling like one too. Actually thinking about it, these days means 1 year back on now.

One year and a half ago I was living in Varna, my life was quite regular, with few trips here and there, but quite settled. And everything looked so clear. After that I found out that I was accepted for an Erasmus in Finland. So there came the time for moving out of Varna (temporary for that time), the packing for Seinajoki. December 2011 it was the time to go back to Bulgaria, soooo packing and moving again.

Then It happened I graduated my University in Varna, so I came back to my home town Stara Zagora. Packing and moving. And then it came the time (around a week ago) I moved again. This time it Germany. For some time I am in Frankfurt. Soon there will be packing again. And moving. Again. Giessen.

Looks like everything is spinning so fast. Having so many places to stay/live in. So many places to be able to call home. And finally somehow, sometimes I feel homeless. But the feeling that something new is coming is so great. And still sometimes there is a great sadness. Leaving a place, leaving all of people you knew there, leaving people and stuff you love there is kind of sad I think.  But of course taking the memories with me makes my luggage heavier and heavier. But it is so sweet and great. Every day there is another memory coming. And I feel I am living somehow. No matter how hard the tears are coming there is this strong feeling for the unknown and the new experience.

It looks like there will be one year in between Giessen and Frankfurt. And then may be another place. Or may be in two years. Or may be not? Who knows?

I guess I just have to find my horse to complete the nomad picture 🙂


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Turn the page

So… 4 year later I am in Varna again. I have one more thing to finish. Just a thesis defense. Thinking of the time in the university there are so many things I’ve learned, unfortunately they’re not connected very much to the subjects I’ve been studying. And still I had the chance to make an Erasmus semester in an amazing country (Finland), I’ve met amazing people, and yes, I saw some sides of the reality.

4 years passed by so quickly and still so many things happened. Last few days in here, the feeling is weird. It is so ordinary to sit again at the same cafe, and it feels so sad to think about it as a last time. Well, probably it won’t be a real last time, but  nobody knows. When you turn another page and chose another path to go, sometimes you go back to the old places, and feel the memories there, but sometimes you never go back and you just leave it the way it stayed the last time you saw it.

Thank you all guys for the amazing years. It was hard sometimes, it was happy and sad, crazy and boring, I may not like the city, but these 4 years will remain as a valuable diamond in my “jewelry chest”.

And here we go now going to the next adventure. Be prepared Giessen, Here I come!

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