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Although Winter is magnificent and absolutely beautiful, it is still furious and devastating. I love the transition between Winter and Spring. The dark becomes light, trees bloom, the sun shines a bit more. Every Spring I feel a kind of new hope coming into me, new desire. Winter comes, knock up everything, then kills some of what was there and finally goes away when feels satisfied. Then Spring comes and heals and brings new hope to the NewBorn world.


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Frozen 2

These days the cold is conquering whole Europe piece by piece. This morning the temperature was -15 and the small fountain in the garden… well it was a piece of ice. Only half of the frog was showing up and here is it the result.

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Summer Coffee

It is always such a pleasure just to sit down, feel the breeze of the summer which is leaving, listen to the music of the birds and children’s laughter, light the cigarette and have a cup of coffee…

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The Old Train

Growling slowly and heavily on the rails again, and again, and again…

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