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Sometimes there is something small and ordinary in people’s life, but this small thing means a lot for them. I have already wrote quite some times about Nightwish and their music and their influence over me. Magic created with notes, drowing beauty in your mind with the sounds and amazingly emotional compositions.

Finally I had the pleasure to get even closer to these emotions. Live in front of me – Tuomas Hollopainen, Marco Hietala, Erno “Emppu” Vuorinen, Jukka Nevalainen, Anette Olzon!

This was a night to remember!

PS: I do not owe the rights of the songs/videos/lyrics. They are used only with an entertainment purpose.

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I have always had something about the sunsets and the train stations.

At one hand there is such a beauty in the sun, going down to sleep after a tiring day of work. Hiding behind the other Half, leaving us to the darkness and mysticism of the Night, to come back the next morning and to remind of its great power.

At the other hand there are the train stations. So many people coming and going, meeting for few moments, may be just a look, or asking for a lighter, and gone forever on their own way where their own life is waiting. So many different points of a trip – a beginning or an end, daily route or one time visit… A crossroad of destinies and paths… On and on, on the endless rails…

And Fate gave me the chance to capture both together:

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