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This one made my day. Staying close to the water, watching out for the fish in there, completely not caring about the people walking around in less than 1-2 meters.

Oh… did I mention, it was in the city park?


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There is nothing more relaxing than a nice walk on a Sunday afternoon in the city park to enjoy the weather and some nature (as far as it is possible to in the city). What I find fascinating about German cities is that you can see wild animals living a normal life in the city, knowing that people are around, but not being disturbed. I guess this is the normal way it should be with any kind of animal all over the world… but this is another topic, for another time. Anyway, during the walk I met this guy (or may be it is a lady?) – a lovely Egyptian Goose, chilling in the shadows and looking for some water, where it could find some. Though the day wasn’t really hot for summer, but pretty enjoyable.

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I made this picture more than year ago in a zoo, but still makes me think how strange and graceful are the birds. Moreover, the pelicans look even more of both, for me it is quite inspiring.

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Talking about cats (see the previous post) I cannot skip one specific cat, part of our family. This is Zeus. He is a gorgeous Persian white male, about 3 years old. And, as a god (Zeus) he is always staying calmly, not letting the ordinary people around him. He is not aggressive at all, just running away from every hug and being magnificent in his divine look. This is a shot taken by I.I., with some corrections, but soon there will be some more shots, revealing his great majesty. Enjoy! 🙂

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Recently, I remembered about the time I spent in Poland… some time ago. It has always been fun, all 5 times I have been in this lovely country! However, the main point of this topic is a charming creature I met there – this lovely black-white male cat! It was a sunny Spring afternoon, so he was enjoying the sun and lying on a bench. We all fell in love with him!


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I have always loved animals, almost all kind of them. Recently I started thinking that I am posting so much about flowers and plants, but no animals. Well, let’s change that! 😉

The first picture I would like to share is an adorable lady. This is Dolly!

It is not only that it is my dog, but I guess also because mother Nature gave her this tenderness, I truly believe she is one of the most loving and devoted dogs in the world. Sometimes she comes, puts her head on my leg and just looks at me waiting for some tenderness back. Oh, there are so many stories about her and with her, but I will leave some space for more posts about sweet Dolly.

I miss her terribly a lot!

PS: Thanks Я.Р. for the picture!

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One of my favorite flowers is the lily – specifically the water lily. It is so bizarre to see only the top (and most beautiful in my opinion) part of the flower over the water, as somebody had just droped it by accident… Looks unreal, but so beautiful… Unfortunately I didn’t find the bloom… only the lonely leaves lying over the water… I hope you enjoy this shot! 😉

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