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Autumn Magic

When the temperature in the late October is about 20 degrees and trees are full of colors, the best thing to do is to take a walk in the closest park and enjoy the magical beauty Mother Nature gives us. And sometimes creativity is just part of it. I hope you’d enjoy the next shots.


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Weekends are great time for having a walk in the park, next to the river, or any place with nature around the city. Despite my cold, i met with a friend from the university and we had a very nice afternoon – coffee and walk by the river. There we met this guy (or many be it is a lady?). (S)He was obviously not much into pictures and definitely his job would not be as a model (!!!) but somehow I managed to make this one.


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My mother is a great enemy of computer games. My brother plays all the time, all kind of games. My father spends also some time behind the computer. Well,  me too. You know mothers… they get crazy about stuff sometimes…

But what surprised me was that recently she sent me a song to hear and enjoy. It turned out that it is a soundtrack of The Elder Scrolls Morrowind (the melody first appeared there) and reused in Skyrim. The particular combination is a mixture between the main theme of both games – Morrowing and Skyrim. It is a female cover with lyrics and acoustic sound. We both with my mother got captured by the music and how magical it sounds. She thought it is from a movie and was totally surprised to find out that it is from a game.

I can’t stop listening to the song. The melody is so overwhelming, so powerful and the same time so gentle and sad. I am writing and deleting all over again sentence after sentence, as the melody leaves me with not much words, and anything I write today sounds not worth it. So I leave you guys to hear yourself what lies beneath this song.

The artist appears to be Malukah. To me the vocal fit perfectly. Great voice! If you’re interested you can visit her website: www.malukah.com

Amazing job!

The Dragonborn Comes

Our Hero, our Hero claims a warrior’s heart
I tell you, I tell you the Dragonborn comes
With a voice wielding power of the ancient Nord Art
Believe, believe the Dragonborn comes
It’s an end to the evil, of all Skyrim’s foes
Beware, beware the Dragonborn comes
For the darkness has passed and the legend yet grows
You’ll know, you’ll know the Dragonborn’s come.


(Sons of Skyrim)

Dovahkiin Dovahkiin
Naal ok zin los vahriin
wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal
ahrk fin norok paal graan
fod nust hon zindro zaan
Dovahkiin fah hin kogaan mu draal

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I have never planned making a blog about something in particular. But the love I bear to a band (for me THE Band) is influencing me in many ways and about many topics I share here. Therefore, I cannot just skip quite big event about this band, which happened today.

I guess you know already – I am talking about Nightwish and their separation with Anette Olzon. If I have to be honest, I was with mixed feelings about it. I have never accepted Anette as a really fitting into the band (as vision, behavior and voice). This does NOT mean that I am negative towards her – on a contrary I love her songs with The Rasmus and with Pain. And before someone decides to jump on me and say that I have to live with Nightwish without Tarja Turunen and stop complaining, etc – don’t worry, I am fine with this fact, missing the old days a bit and curious about what is yet to come. However, I never thought Anette bears the drama which Nightwish has in their music and somehow she did not express the songs the way a man could really feel them. After all this, I should be happy, I guess. Maybe I am in a way, but the 2 albums with her were also amazing (as the old ones), I cannot know how would they sound with someone else. And here comes the question which brings the bitterness: who is going to replace her? Floor Jansen will finish the tour with the band. This is an interesting decision, no doubt there would be great shows. Floor is an amazing singer. But on another hand, I would not be happy to see her taking the place too. She has her own charm, her own path and uniqueness. I think this collaboration could work well for the tour mainly. I am looking forward to see records from these shows – it would be something which would be remembered!

And still, who is coming to replace Tarja and Anette? This is a very open question and the answer doesn’t look like coming soon. I am hoping for the best, but expecting also the worse. Hehe. May be Mr. Holopainen would surprise us with another lady with dramatic voice and fitting appearance (I am talking about style which fits to the bands’ music and style, not beauty queen; her job would be to sing, not to be a fashion model). Or may be he would surprise with something which nobody expected and totally in another direction where the people would have what to discuss and argue for 7 more years. Or may be all this is a marketing trick?

Time will show…

Now it is time for some music… as a goodbye and Good Luck to Anette:

PS: Just sharing my personal opinion as a fan for many years.

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