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Christmas Moments

Christmas is already gone, but the memories are still fresh and the feeling of being at home, meeting old friends it still warming the cold December day. And how could it be other way? Boiled wine, sweets, homemade bread, and so many more meals and the best of all – a great company!

Here some shots from Christmas.

DSC_0067DSCI0054 DSCI0074 DSCI0086 DSCI0106 DSCI0117


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There are things which are very unpleasant sometimes, but incredibly beautiful. Like Ice. Cold, slippery, freezing… but sometimes the shapes it makes, can take your breath away!

This is one may not be the best one, but I think it deserves some attention. In 2 Perspectives.

DSCI0035uhu DSCI0035uhu_negative

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