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Black Mead

There is this place in town where you can try out really great types of the most ancient alcohol drink – the mead! I am i love with it! It is quite sweet (usually), varies a lot (according to the different ingredients – fruits, herbs, etc.) and it is with not such high alcohol percentage so you normally can completely enjoy the taste.

Some time ago I also managed to take a shot of a glass with black mead! It was tasty! 🙂



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What is it out there? Behind the bars…?



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Food Improvisation

When the ingredients in the fridge are not enough for any original receipt, there comes the time to improvise and create something good enough to fill your stomach with. Surprisingly (or at least for me), these meals are the most delicious ones I cook. Anyway, here you can enjoy a shot from a salad I created few days ago.


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