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I guess Easter is pretty holy and spiritual time, when many people look at religion and pay more attention to it. Sometimes it doesn’t really matter what you believe, it matters that you support the people you love and what they believe. So I ended up pretty often in a church around Easter this year (and almost got kicked out, because of trying to make pictures…). However, I have always though that churches are interesting to visit. In their efforts to worship a god and to show their love and devotion people create amazing pieces of art – the churches as an architectural art, the icons, statues and all other ornaments and piece which make the church to look the way it looks. Actually, Christian churches are not the only ones and far from being the first ones. In the past pagans were worshiping their gods with very interesting rituals and asigned symbols. The whole mythology and traditions, which turn into a complicated system of stories and belief I find pretty astonishing. I guess mosques are very interesting too (I have been only in an old museum mosque, not really in a “working” modern one). I have also seen all the statues of Buddha. And there are probably thousands of more examples.

So, when I saw this stone encryption in a rock, close to a monastery, I was very happy to find it. The text is pretty religious, but the way it looks in the stone, and the efforts to keep the colors alive I find very romantic and cherishing.

DSCI0066 DSCI00671


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Mint Tee

Natural and tasty!

DSC_0179 DSC_0182

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I found this wellspring close to the monastery. I was told a story that on a special day, when the spirit of the monastery is celebrated, the water becomes magical – it will heal all the pain of the drinker. And inside the monastery, there is this holy water spring, which is even more magical – it can heal anything bad.

There is something very romantic in myths and beliefs of people. Sometimes I wish many of them were true.


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At one of my latest trips around I found myself at sunset close to a monastery. It really mystical the feeling of nature all around, the sun going down and the silhouette of the building before the sky. Or?


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