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Absolute Beauty!

Pity that it is captured in a zoo…



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Here she is! The newest member of the family – princess Lizzy!

DSC_0163 DSC_0167

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Sometimes playing with colors can turn into a great fun, especially swapping the colors in a picture with flamingos.

Have you ever seen blue or green flamingos?


Still, swapping colors can also strengthen the desired effect:


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I have always had mixed feelings about zoos. On one hand, this is a great chance for me to discover the animals – these great creations of nature, as normally I don’t have any chance to reach them in their original habitat. But on the other hand, isn’t it cruel to keep such beautiful creatures in captivity, to take them away from their real place where they belong, and not to let them have a full life? It is true that poachers are also endangering many species with their avarice and cruelty, but is zoo the best way to protect the animals? And in the end… it is hard to forget the financial part – the more exotic and attractive animals are, the more visitor a zoo will get. Of course, a zoo needs also money to try to ensure the closest possible living environment for the animals, but then again, isn’t it the best environment for them their original habitat?

I guess this is a long discussion, but often I am amazed how those creature manage to remain proud and bold, even behind the bars.

I think this heron embodies these qualities and is a good example of still looking magnificent in captivity.


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The first post for April is dedicated to a great friend – Sam!

SO big and so sweetie childishly looking… always ready for playing 🙂


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After a day at the zoo, there is some material coming. Yet again, I did not catch up nice weather and light, but still come shots I find nice…


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Weekends are great time for having a walk in the park, next to the river, or any place with nature around the city. Despite my cold, i met with a friend from the university and we had a very nice afternoon – coffee and walk by the river. There we met this guy (or many be it is a lady?). (S)He was obviously not much into pictures and definitely his job would not be as a model (!!!) but somehow I managed to make this one.


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