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Remember being a child? There were so many marvels and wonders in the world – every small and shiny thing was exciting. Recently I had the pleasure to remind myself of the childhood the way it should be – enjoy small things and find them spectacular. Exactly. Small thing. Like soap bubbles.



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Just one more…

People get addicted to different things – pills, drugs, cigarettes, hobbies… Some will say some addictions are not as bad as others. But is there a difference? The more we try to control out lives and then excuse ourselves – it makes me relax and escape the stress, just one more… the more we find ourselves into the addiction. And usually we don’t even want to stop.

I wish people lived in less stress, so they wouldn’t have to even say it – just one more…


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Mint Tee

Natural and tasty!

DSC_0179 DSC_0182

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I found this wellspring close to the monastery. I was told a story that on a special day, when the spirit of the monastery is celebrated, the water becomes magical – it will heal all the pain of the drinker. And inside the monastery, there is this holy water spring, which is even more magical – it can heal anything bad.

There is something very romantic in myths and beliefs of people. Sometimes I wish many of them were true.


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At one of my latest trips around I found myself at sunset close to a monastery. It really mystical the feeling of nature all around, the sun going down and the silhouette of the building before the sky. Or?


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Traveling has always been exciting for me. And more exciting I find the destination, so on the way I try to keep up with good mood and enjoy the situation. Last time I was flying I had the chance to observe really nice view over the clouds from above. I have always thought that being above the clouds is somehow weird. After all, normally I am under them…


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There are places where time seems have stopped moving forward. Days are beautiful – nature all around, calm and isolated place from the rest of the world. Even the old forgotten sign reminds to the visitors – STOP! Time does not matter here, nor cares. Only happiness lives here.


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