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Before I came to Germany I have always thought that summer wine should be cold and sweet. Well, now I still think that summer wine should be cold, but the part with sweet extended to the possibility of actually drinking a sour wine. You wonder how is this possible? Germans (of course not all of them, mostly the once in Hessen) are in love with their traditional drink – apple wine. Many people here say that you either love it, or either hate it. In the beginning, I wasn’t really sure which side I am more into, because you can taste some really sour apple wine (which you can barely drink), or you can have a quite refreshing sour one. Some people mix it with lemonade or with gas water to reduce the sour taste, but then it is too obvious that you’re not from Hessen – why otherwise would you do such a crime? Anyway, almost as any type of food or beverage, is it a matter of taste. But last summer it was a pretty nice way to refresh myself and to immerse into the atmosphere of Summer Hessen.




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Just one more…

People get addicted to different things – pills, drugs, cigarettes, hobbies… Some will say some addictions are not as bad as others. But is there a difference? The more we try to control out lives and then excuse ourselves – it makes me relax and escape the stress, just one more… the more we find ourselves into the addiction. And usually we don’t even want to stop.

I wish people lived in less stress, so they wouldn’t have to even say it – just one more…


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There are places where time seems have stopped moving forward. Days are beautiful – nature all around, calm and isolated place from the rest of the world. Even the old forgotten sign reminds to the visitors – STOP! Time does not matter here, nor cares. Only happiness lives here.


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It was a lovely Saturday afternoon thanks to all lovely people who were there. Those delicious pieces of art made it even better. And I love how the basket fits and contrasts the cookies. Great job!

So… Want a Cookie?


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Heavy stones, stay together and keep on carrying their baggage over the lake…


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Cold, alone and beautiful…


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Sunny days are very rare recently, so I used the last opportunity to explore some parks in the area.

Here there is what I found there:

DSCI0106 DSCI0111

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