Just one more…

People get addicted to different things – pills, drugs, cigarettes, hobbies… Some will say some addictions are not as bad as others. But is there a difference? The more we try to control out lives and then excuse ourselves – it makes me relax and escape the stress, just one more… the more we find ourselves into the addiction. And usually we don’t even want to stop.

I wish people lived in less stress, so they wouldn’t have to even say it – just one more…



“Do I look happy?”

This is my first attempt to make a portrait. It was a pretty spontaneous decision, so I am pretty happy that P. was willing to pose. Unfortunately, I am not confident enough yet with portraits, so I gave up pretty early. 

However, I think the last shot got up nice. After I did the picture, she asked me: “Can I take a look, do I look happy?”, and since then there is no other title for me here.

Yes, dear, you look happy. 🙂


Sunset over Main

One of the most beautiful moments in summer are the sunsets – long, colorful, creating shapes… Sunsets bring sometimes nostalgia, sometimes romantic feelings, sometimes sadness. But sunsets are most often just beautiful. So, my summer motives continue with this sunset over Main… Enjoy!

DSCI0018 DSCI0029



Yellow is my favorite color, so when I see a yellow flower something inside screams – make a picture! And usually when I do, the intensity of the color makes the picture pretty nice. Or?

DSCI0264 DSCI0270


It has been more than a month since my last post, so I thought it is about time to get back and upload the updates from my small “vacation” in August. Since it is summertime (although in Germany sometimes it is hard to feel that) a very suitable get back picture is the one below – peaches!

Sweet, fresh, smell like summer. When I look at peaches I always remember my past summers at home, under the sunshine, the warmth, the breeze, and the feeling of being free. Summer has always been the time for me to be free. So, now when I think about it, when I feel free I enjoy eating peaches, but when I don’t, I somehow forget about them, leave them back on the store shelve and wait for the next summer. I guess, peaches are my freedom fruit…


Burning Sky

Tonight Mother Nature had given us the chance to enjoy a lovely sunset. Last days has been really hot and heavy and today finally she got her mercy on us – it rained! The result? A beautiful sky with many clouds in different shapes, colored by the last sun rays …

As the sky was burning above us…



Last month has been busy like hell and unfortunately there was no time for pictures. What a sad month was it…

Anyway, today I finally tried to get back in shape. I felt lucky to have one of my favorite music instruments as an inspiration. I have always associated guitars with something passionate, emotional, and even sexual (look at that shape!). Unfortunately, I can’t play a guitar, but I can always enjoy listening to someone else playing.