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In Bulgaria there is a really popular mint liqueur – for some people pure is pretty strong and not tasty, but for some people it just perfect. I guess some like it hardcore…

Anyway, for those who do not like it pure, there are few options – mix it with milk (yes! it tastes lovely 🙂 ), or mix it with Lemonade. The picture below shows how it looks like with lemonade. You can choose the taste you like – orange, grapefruit, lemon… if you do not really like sweet drinks you can take as an alternative tonic water, it also tastes amazing. Even I, as a lover or sweets (I drink my coffee with 3 sugar cubes!), prefer mostly the mixture with tonic water. Then you just add a piece of lemon and a lot of ice and here it is – a lovely, fresh and cooling, summer drink.


PS: On the picture my ice has already melted, it was a hot day. Hehe.



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