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When it comes to architecture (from the touristic point of view), I love the details. The shape of the windows, the statues on the walls, even the door knockers. Luckily the Gothic and Baroque (and all others) left many many buildings with many many details, which makes me always excited when I visit a new town, especially if the town is with rich history and was lucky enough to survive through the wars.

This lion door knocker I found in Weilburg (Germany) on a recent visit. The place is really lovely – charming old town and a magnificent castle. We didn’t manage to enter it, but its garden is even more than enough – a real piece of art! If you happen to be somewhere close, this is a perfect place to be recommended for spending a nice afternoon, especially with a good weather.

Oh, and this is just a teaser, more pictures are coming. 🙂



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